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Stinger (With Tuning) 1.5
[ Download from this server (85.1Kb) ] 16-June-2011, 0:04 AM
This is just an Ordinary Stinger but the with Tuning Parts (Roof, Spoiler, Hood Scoop)

I will add more parts in the Future.


GTA Version: Vice City
Version: 1.5
Tuning: Yes
MVL Requirement: 0.93

Category: {MVL} Format Vehicles | Added by: ALMOST610
Views: 19903 | Downloads: 482 | Comments: 850 | Rating: 5.0/1
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770 Waltercego   (08-July-2014 12:13 PM)
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769 GregoryroK   (03-July-2014 9:57 PM)
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768 AnthonyQuem   (02-July-2014 4:21 PM)
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767 Richarden   (02-July-2014 4:30 AM)
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764 JoshuaMr   (27-June-2014 5:04 AM)
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762 PatrickZeva   (25-June-2014 5:10 AM)
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